Forget everything and Run.
Face everything and Rise.
Life is like a book.
Some chapters are sad, some are happy and
some are exciting.
But if you never turn the page, you will never know
what the next chapter holds
When you are no longer able to change a
situation you are challenged to change yourself
Don’t wait , The time will never be just right

Palmerstown Counselling Service

Listening and caring is my passion
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About Palmerstown Counselling

Listening and caring is my passion

Palmerstown counselling is committed to their clients. The service believes that this commitment is what ensures that you the client gets an introduction to therapy / counselling that is a long-lasting positive experience which ensures you are supported in every step of your journey towards a more positive pathway in life.

Tony is my name. I work in accordance with the code of ethics of the accredited bodies of IACP (Irish association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and ACI (Addiction Counsellors Ireland). The Service is offered from the comfort of my own home in a relaxed and private way. I also volunteer counselling in an inner city clinic and work as a Group facilitator in the Rutland Clinic on the aftercare programme.

My life experiences of many years along with my academic qualifications , Honours degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy give me the confidence to work with my clients in a caring and empathic way.

The way I work has been influenced by the different psychotherapy trainings I have undertaken. Additional to my Honours degree in Counselling and psychotherapy . I also hold a professional certification in Mindfulness, a Certificate in Suicide prevention (asist-applied suicide intervention skills training), a Certification in Self Compassion under the guidance of the famous psychologist Kristen Neff.

I am also in the process of undertaking a Masters in Addiction Counselling which will be complete by mid 2021.

I attend regular clinical supervision to ensure I am offering the best possible service to my clients. I also connect to my own ongoing path to wellbeing by way of spiritual connection and good practice which are guided by learned and respected morals.

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Listening and Caring is my Passion

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